4 Reasons Why I Like Dining at Indian Restaurants

I like dining at Indian restaurants. Whenever I visit a city, I go to great lengths, to establish whether there are any Indian restaurants in that particular city. And after taking note of all Indian restaurants, I start sampling their dining experiences, one by one. If I am staying in that city for a reasonably long period of time, I am certain to visit all the identified Indian restaurants, by the time I leave. There are four reasons as to why I like dining at the said Indian restaurants.

Firstly, the food in the Indian restaurants tends to be truly tasty. There seems to be a commitment, on the part of the people who run the said Indian restaurants, to ensure that none of the dishes they offer is bland. A lot of thought goes into the recipes. The food also tends to be authentic, and full of character – thanks to the heavy use of spices.

Secondly, the ambience in the Indian restaurants tends to be truly good. The people who run these restaurants tend to be very deliberate on the seating arrangements. They also tend to put a lot of thought into the choice of furniture and color schemes. The end result is truly amazing ambience. You find yourself being tempted to stay on, even after finishing your meal – because the environment always seems to be so hospitable.

Thirdly, the customer service in the Indian restaurants tends to be proper. Indian restaurants invest a lot of time in training their waiters and other service staff. They always seem to be friendly and they always seem to have time for all their customers.

Fourthly, the prices at which food is sold in the Indian restaurants tend to be very reasonable. That, in fact, is how it ends up being possible for a person of modest means like me to be able to dine out, at Indian restaurants, for 7 days in a row — without feeling the pinch.

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