Hiring Writers for a Dining Experiences Review Magazine

The success of your dining experiences review magazine will depend, to a great extent, on the caliber of writers you hire for it. You therefore need to take the writer recruitment exercise very seriously. You need to do everything within your powers to ensure that the writers you ultimately hire are the best possible people. Sometimes, you may need to expand your search, if you can’t find the caliber of writers you are looking for within your locality. At other times, you may have to allocate more time to the task of looking for writers – especially if you can’t find the right caliber of people within the time you had initially planned.

All said and done, if you want to be successful in getting the best writers for your dining experiences review magazine, you need to:

  1. Come up with an attractive job description: in the job description, you need to make it clear that what you are offering is an interesting and exciting task, one that is also challenging in a positive way.
  2. Advertise the job vacancies in the right places: the objective here would be to ensure that writers of the caliber you are targeting get to see the job ads. So, for instance, you need to identify the jobs sites that are frequented by such writers, and ensure that that is where your job ads are run.
  3. Offer attractive remuneration terms: you have to understand that the prospective writers will be comparing whatever you will be offering, in terms of remuneration, to what other employers would be offering. You therefore need to ensure that you are competitive. One of the applicants may, for instance, be a fellow who was previously working at CVS Health. This would mean that on top of getting an attractive salary, he would have been entitled to the whole range of myhrcvs employee benefits. You would therefore have to offer something that is close to whatever he was getting at CVS Health, if at all you are to entice him to join your Dining Experiences review magazine team.
  4. Conduct objective interviews: you need to have a certain criterion on whose basis you award marks to the interviewees. For instance, you can award marks for experience, marks for educational level, marks for writing quality… and so on. Then the interviewees with the highest scores are the ones you’d hire to be writing for your dining experiences review magazine.

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