Introducing People to Exotic Dining Experiences

Having set up a restaurant specializing in exotic cuisine, one of the immediate challenges you will have to deal with is that of introducing people to the exotic dining experiences. Let’s say, for instance, that you are establishing a Chinese restaurant, targeting non-Chinese customers. You find that you first have to get the targeted customers accustomed to the Chinese dining experience. Only then can you hope to earn decent profits from the establishment. In other words, you have to get them to understand what is so special about the Chinese dining experience. Only then would they be in a position to spend their money in search of that particular dining experience.

Using the media

One way to introduce people to exotic dining experiences is by partnering with the local media. So, for instance, you can get the local TV stations to air programs extolling the virtues of the exotic cuisine you are trying to introduce into the local market. Or, if TV advertising is too expensive for you, you can opt to have the local newspapers run articles, extolling the virtues of the exotic cuisine you are trying to introduce.

Naturally, people who will come across such TV programs (or newspaper articles) will want to search around, to see if there is a local restaurant where they can get the exotic cuisine that was so highly spoken of. And that is where you’d come into the picture: by offering them a place where they can get the said dining experience.

Simply placing a sign outside

Another alternative is simply to have a sign, outside your restaurant, announcing that the restaurant offers ‘such and such’ exotic cuisine – and inviting people to try it out. The most important thing here is to ensure that you give a good account of yourself, once such people venture in to try out the exotic dining experience. Remember, some of them may be folks who actually work in other restaurants around! You may, for instance, find someone who works at the local Darden restaurant opting to try your exotic cuisine restaurant as a way to ‘treat’ himself on his off day. Thus, he may have gone to the krowd darden login page, signed in and checked his work schedule, to find that he would be off-duty on such and such a date. He may then have gone to the krowd login page, signed in, and checked the ‘money’ section — only to find that his next paycheck would be due in less than a week. It is this combination of circumstances that would give him the confidence to try out your exotic cuisine restaurant: knowing that he has both the money and the time. It would therefore be really important to ensure that you offer decent food and decent service, so as to get the people (who are trying it out for the first time) to really appreciate the exotic dining experience.

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