My Dining Experience On a Floating Restaurant

Some time back, I had the opportunity to dine at a floating restaurant. It was a truly unique dining experience, and I have decided to write about it in today’s post.

Although I consider myself to be adventurous (as far as the search for dining experiences goes), I had never once considered dining at a floating restaurant. But it so happened that a friend of mine, who had been away for some time, came back home to our seaside city. He suggested that we, as his friends (and hangers-on), meet him at a floating restaurant that had been recently set up. So that is how I found myself dining on the floating restaurant.

What I liked most about the floating restaurant dining experience is the ambience. I am used to dining at ordinary street restaurants, where the surroundings are often utterly unremarkable and uninspiring. The floating restaurant’s ambience, with the ocean as the backdrop, was a real marvel for me.

The food served on the floating restaurant was also quite good. We had the chance to eat a three course meal, as our one hour voyage progressed. Ironically, the seafood wasn’t as fresh as one would have expected on a floating restaurant, but it was still decent. The rest of the dishes were truly awesome, especially the breads and the veggies.

The service was quite good as well. The waiters seemed to be genuinely friendly. The chef was a serious-looking fellow, but the good thing about him was the keenness with which he seemed to go about his work.

The prices were definitely on the higher side. On this occasion, the friend of ours who had invited us to dine at the floating restaurant was footing the bills. But if I was paying, I would probably not have afforded anything on the menu – other than the lightest of snacks. The only money on me, as I went into the floating restaurant, was some cash in a gift card I had received some time back. But upon visiting the card’s online portal, at some time later, I realized that I had less than 20 bucks on the card! Thus, as per the card’s balance (at, if we had been asked to cater for our own bills, I would probably have ended in an embarrassing situation. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. Still, given the unique ambience, the decent food and the cheerful (and prompt) service, I got a feeling that dining experience at the floating restaurant was definitely worth the cost.

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