Using the Internet to Survey Customers’ Dining Experiences

As a restaurant owner, you can use the Internet to survey customers’ dining experiences. This is important, because as a serious restaurant owner, you will be keen on seeing to it that your customers get superb dining experiences. As a matter of fact, the product customers come to buy at a restaurant is not just food (which they could just as well prepare for themselves in their homes), but also the dining experiences. Therefore if your restaurant delivers good dining experiences consistently, it is likely to be successful in the long run. Conversely, if your restaurant is unable to deliver good dining experiences, it is unlikely to be successful – regardless of how well you do in other areas. Yet you have no way of knowing if you are delivering good dining experiences, unless you ask the customers. So it is really important for you, as a restaurant owner, to have a way of surveying your customers’ dining experiences – to know whether or not you are meeting their expectations. And the Internet can be very useful in that regard. The process of using the Internet to survey customers’ dining experiences entails:

  1. Setting up the survey site: this could be a stand-alone site, or it could simply be a page on your restaurant’s main website. It could even be a Facebook page.
  2. Crafting the survey questions: these should be a few, but well targeted questions, to get the feedback you need from customers.
  3. Uploading the survey questions on the site: this could be done through some sort of a simple database, through which you’d be collating feedback from the customers.
  4. Inviting customers to participate in the survey: you can do this through the receipts you issue to the customers. So you can have a note, on the receipts, telling the customers to take part in the survey — and promising a small discount or some other incentive for those who do so. Given the fact that so many people use the Internet nowadays, you can be sure that at least a few of your customers will be inclined to participate in the (online) survey. You may have, for instance, a customer who works at PepsiCo. Then, after dining at your restaurant, he may decide to visit the PepsiCo HR portal, to check the My pepsico payroll. He would be doing so with a view to check his paystubs there. Now after going to the My pepsico sso login page, signing in and checking his paystubs, he may decide to ‘browse’ around the Internet for some time. And that is how he may recall about the dining experience survey he was invited to participate in, and proceed to do so. So the point we are trying to make here is simple – if you invite customers to participate in the survey, and you give some sort of incentive for them to do so, you can be rest assured that at least quite a number of them will participate. And you will then get the feedback you need, to improve your customers’ dining experiences.

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